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Making Wishes Come True - One Stitch at a Time

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My youngest loves animals and has a collection of stuffed ones to rival any toy store. I'm not just talking about the usual suspects.  This kid is one of those who goes to the zoo gift shop and comes out with a stuffed vulture.  A VULTURE!  *shudder* (There was no talking him out of it - believe me, I tried.)

So, I wasn't really that surprised when he announced that his collection needed a vampire squid.  Have you ever seen a vampire squid?

Vampire Squid

Now, I've made my share of stuffed animals but a vampire squid?  I immediately turned to my favorite online resource (Amazon, of course) but, gasp, no vampire squids.  Not one!   My guy was so disappointed to find out we couldn't get one.

So, I started my search, casting my net far and wide and finally resigned myself to the fact that I would need to make one myself.  

I started a new search for vampire squid sewing patterns without much hope of finding one but I struck gold!  Craftsy had one sold by the Lucy Blaire Pattern Shop - Vera the Vampire Squid.

Vera Vampire Squid Sewing Pattern linkRed.  It had to be red.  That much was made perfectly clear to me.  Hmmm . . . what did I have that was red? Then, I remembered the Valor Italian Marble in red that I had. Perfect!  I found some big blue buttons in my stash for the eyes and I was off.

The pattern was simple to assemble.  The instructions were pretty easy to follow.  She even reminded me to check to make sure that the ears were at the sides when I sewed on the face band. Now, if only she had reminded me to make sure that the face wasn't UPSIDE DOWN when I sewed it on . . .  Yep, I did that.  So, all I did the fix that was take my seam ripper, remove the embroidery for the mouth and re-embroider it UNDER the eyes where it belonged.

The whole thing went quicker than I thought it would until it came to attaching the belly. 

I had to reread the instructions a couple of times before I got it because the illustration confused me a little but, once I understood, it was simple.  After that was done, I stuffed him up and admired my work.

It had taken me so long to get this to project, I think all hope had been lost that we would ever add a vampire squid to the collection.  So, the little one was quite thrilled when he found out what I had been making.  Because of his red color, he was promptly named Devil.  

And he's the current resident of the carrycot I made . . . until the next new friend comes along to replace him. :-)

Of course, if you go to Amazon now, there is a stuffed vampire squid available.  But, you know, I am glad it wasn't there the first time I looked.  My little guy cherishes all his "loveys" so being able to make him a new friend, especially one that he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to get, makes me feel like my sewing skills are being put to good use creating special times and memories for him.  

Being able to sit at my sewing machine and create something out of a few pieces of fabric and some thread that my kids wouldn't have had otherwise makes it feel a little like magic.  Not quite the same as the fairy godmother's wand, but my little seam ripper and I have been able to make wishes come true and that's a great feeling!

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