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Now I know my ABCs - a quilted monogrammed pouch plus free alphabet quilt block patterns

Lisa Hovind alphabet quilt block free sewing pattern free tutorial quilted zipper pouch sewing project sewing tutorial show off Saturday

I am new to quilting and ever since I tackled my first project - a charm square table runner - I have wanted to make a project using a quilt block with the letter H.  It's such a simple letter to piece and it would give me endless possibilities for gifts for my in-laws.

So, this week, I decided to give it a try.  I decided to start small with a quilted pouch for my Mickey Mouse loving sister-in-law.

I was sure that I could figure out how to make an quilt block H but decided to check around to see if I could find a pattern just to make sure I wasn't overlooking something.  I found these:  American Quilter's Society Alphabet Quilt Blocks Patterns link

I wasn't thrilled about the way they did the H so I decided to stick with my own simple design but wanted to share the patterns with you.  You can find the pdf of patterns for all of the letters from A to Z by clicking on the image above or this link to the American Quilter's Society website

For my block, I used royal blue and black to match the Mickey fabric I had available.  I cut the strips 5.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide so that they would finish up at an inch wide.  

cut strips for quilted H

Then, I assembled them to make an H.

I took the finished block and just quilted around the inside and outside of the letter.

finished H block quilted

My finished block measured approx 5.5 inches across so I used a 5 inch zipper.  I took 2 pieces of matching scrap pieces and cut 2 inches wide and 4 inches long which I folded in half with the right sides out so they measured about 2 by 2.  I trimmed the zipper just below the metal piece on the end and sewed one of the scraps at the open end and then measured down to the 4.5 inch mark and sewed the other on.  

installing the zipper on quilted pouch

After I pinned it face down at the top of the quilted H block, I placed a 5.5 by 5.5 piece of the royal blue face down on the sandwich and sewed along the top.  Then, I flipped the solid piece behind and pressed the block to the front and lining to the back and top sewed along the top edge.

I took a 2 inch high by 5.5 inch wide piece of the Mickey fabric and sewed that piece upside down to the top of the zipper along with a lining piece the same size.  I assembled that the same as on the bottom and then trimmed the zipper pieces on the sides.  

I cut a piece of the Mickey fabric just slightly larger than the finished front and quilted it to a piece of batting with just simple vertical lines about the footer's width apart.  Then, I trimmed the back panel to the same size as the front.

quilted back panel for pouch

Next, the back goes right side down, a piece of lining fabric goes on top of that right side up and then the front panel goes on top right side up.  I took some bias tape and cut it the the length of one of the sides.  I put the whole sandwich inside and sewed it together inside the bias tape.  I only had wide tape but I wish I had used the standard width.

sewing on the bias tape

I did the same for the other side.

Obviously, piecing the bias tape like this, I didn't miter the corners.  I simply folded the ends of the bias tape under at each end before I sewed on the top and bottom.

And, voila, a monogrammed, quilted Mickey pouch to go inside of the purse that I made for my SIL's birthday.

finished quilted purse front



finished quilted pouch back

I did also find another set of alphabet quilt block patterns that I liked even better that have all of the instructions for constructing them and a quilt to be made from them.  I'l putting together a page with all of the links.  Be sure to stop back next week when I'll have them ready to share along with another monogrammed project I am working on.

I'll be showing off my pouch and sharing the quilt block link over on the Sew Can She site for Show Off Saturday.



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