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OMG! HOW MANY days until Christmas?!

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Anyone who does handmade for Christmas knows that it is never too early to start your Christmas sewing.  And, anyone who has still been sewing once Christmas Eve has passed into Christmas Day knows that, sometimes, it can be too late.

A stuffed Narwhal is high on the Christmas wish list for one of the little ones in my life. So, I knew when I saw the pattern for Norton the Narwhal from Dear Stella that it was time for me to get started.

Dear Stella Norton the Narwhal sewing pattern link

This pattern was designed for the fabrics of the Dear Stella Life Aquatic fabric collection. And even though I only have the Narwhal fabric from that collection, this pattern is just what I was looking for.  It fits the bill perfectly - easy pattern, straightforward instructions and FREE.  Just click on the photo above to be taken to Dear Stella site for the pattern.

I chose to start with the larger Narwhal because I sometimes find working with small pieces can get awkward, especially with a new pattern.  Some of the pattern pieces needed to be assembled but the instructions were clear.

Norton the Narwhal pattern pieces assembled

Then I set out to find the perfect fabrics.  For the sides and back, I picked the blue Italian Marble fabric from Fabri-Quilt's Valor Collection and for the belly, I chose the Cloud Blender from Quilting Traditions Bunny Love Collection in gray.

Norton the Narwhal sewing pieces

The only thing that caused me to hesitate for just a moment was they refer to the side/back piece instead of the side/tale piece in the cutting instructions.  But, it became clear that you need 2 sides, one back and 2 fins from each of the fabrics.  You don't see the tusk there because I didn't decide what fabric to use until the very last minute.

After embroidering the eyes, I started to assemble the sides and back.

Norton the Narwhal sides and back assembledNorton the Narwhal sides and back assembled

Next, came the fins

Norton the Narwhal fin placement

Then, I sewed up the belly, leaving several inches for turning.

Norton the Narwhal belly

Here's Norton (or as I plan to call him - Gnarly) all right side out but unstuffed.

Norton the Narwhal without tusk

And here is is all stuffed and closed up but without his tusk, looking very much like an ordinary whale.

Norton the Narwhal without tusk

After considering several options, I decided to go with a traditional ivory fabric for his tusk and wrapped it with six strands of embroidery floss. 

So, here he is, finished.  

Norton the Narwhal complete

So, that's it.  First Christmas gift of the season completed.   One down and too many to count to go.  And, only 90 days left!  Gasp!  Got to get to work!

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