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Taking a Project and Making it Your Own

Lisa Hovind art case art tote children free sewing pattern free tutorial gifts for kids kids sewing project Think Positive

Years ago, when I first started sewing again, I needed a birthday gift for a kindergarten classmate of one of my kids.  I was searching for a tote to hold some art supplies I had gotten featuring the child's favorite characters.  

I came across this tutorial  Amber has some of the most wonderful projects.  I followed her instructions and, even as a newbie, I ended up with a present I was really proud of.  

Fast forward to now and I need another art tote so, of course, I turn to Amber's tutorial.  I decided to use fabric from the Think Positive line from Elizabeth's Studio.  I just love the encouraging phrases and the colorful animals.  And, the toss and coordinating stripe were a great combination for the project.  I decided on red.

Elizabeth Studio Think Positive red

This collection also has a panel of 7 inch squares that I thought would make a perfect pocket for erasers and a sharpener and all those little extras.  

Elizabeth Studio Think Positive Quilting Panel white on Fabric Frantic

So, I cut one of the squares, a piece of the stripe fabric 2 inches by 7 inches for the top, another 10 by 7 for the backing and found a red zipper.

fabric frantic fabrications blog think positive art tote pocket tutorial

I thought, at first, I would use a long zipper straight across but then realized that would create a problem attaching the pocket to the outside of the case.  So, instead, I went with a 5 inch zipper and cut some red scraps to 2 inches by 4 inches.  I folded them in half and sewed one at each end of the zipper.

Then, I sewed the small piece of stripe to the top.

and the block to the bottom and top sewed the pieces.

I unzipped the zipper and trimmed the larger piece of stripe fabric to the size of the front. I sewed the back of the pocket all the way around using a quarter inch seam allowance. Then, I trimmed the seam allowance so that I could pull the pocket through the zipper, press it and the seams would be covered when I sewed it to the carrier a quarter inch from the edge.

I folded the piece that was going to be the outside of the carrier together so that I could find the middle (which would be the bottom of the outside of the carrier).  I unfolded it and positioned the bottom of the pocket about and inch or so above the middle and centered it between the sides.   

The rest of the tutorial I pretty much followed except that instead of two pieces of velcro on the inside, I used a tab with velcro attached which I sewed to the back side of the carrier between the handles and sewed the other part of the velcro to the outside front of the carrier as the closure.



I filled the pencil compartments with Twistables and some #2 pencils.  In the inside pockets, I put a coloring book, an activity book with stickers and book on how to draw her favorite characters along with a scratch pad of paper.  I filled the outside pocket with some erasers and a sharpener.

I love how it turned out and I love even more that I was able to add my own touches to make the project my own.  

 Fabric Frantic Fabrications Art Tote Carrier finished outer photo

 I'm so happy with how this turned out, I am sharing it on Sew Can She's Show Off Saturday linky party.

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